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Cinema Experiments of the Russian Avant Garde, Pt. 2 / Exhibition design

Cinema Experiments of the Russian Avant Garde Exhibition design

Lefkos Pyrgos Thessaloniki City Museum Identity and experience design

AVRA Herbal Brand development

Vivartia Corporate brand development

Being Best Communication design

Being Best Brand development

ACT Worldwide Brand development

Alpha TV Corporate brand development

Nutriart Corporate brand development

Katselis Gefsi & Zoi Brand development

Katselis Psiha Brand identity and packaging redesign

KRAFT Paints Product line architecture and new market entry strategy

Druckfarben Ink BU Communication design

Sizzle | PlusFire Brand development

Ministry of Development Communication design

Frigoglass Communication design

Prespa Brand development

Reprotime Brand development

International Olympic Truce Center Institutional identity and communication design

Human Brand development

Spin Communication design

Bylot | Miss Denim Identity and communication design

Partisan Identity and communication design

Solecism Audiovisual project

Thessaloniki Concert Hall Communication design