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AV integrates high end analysis and strategy skills with outstanding visual and verbal expression and innovative activation capabilities. Our end-to-end operating process "the innovation engine" consists of five distinct phases:


This section is about some of the tools we use along the way.

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DISCOVERY Innovation Watch

A tool for identifying the sustaining and emerging trends that affect a particular industry globally as well as in the various key markets. The process utilizes AV’s sister company Critical Publics London unique intelligence mechanism monitoring 5000 sources daily.

/ Benchmarking

Altervision’s thorough and concise benchmarking analysis methodology shapes the foundations of strategy development.

Benchmarking entails the comparative analysis of competitors and selected cases of excellence with regards to business, branding and marketing strategies and key performance metrics.

/ Brand Equity Scorecard (BES)

A unique tool for the ongoing measurement and tracking of a brand’s value-adding potential. BES is a survey-based strategic analysis capability opening up the “black box” of a brand, revealing specific and manageable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each of the brand equity constituencies. BES provides solid insights (why’s) and specific directions (what’s) helping strategy planers understand the situation and draft result-oriented strategies.

/ CoBES for GR

A unique tool for the ongoing measurement and tracking of Greece’s value-adding potential.

A survey-based brand equity primary research

on Greece compared to Spain, Italy, Portugal

and Turkey among internationally-minded people

in the US, the UK and Germany.

VISION / STRATEGY Brand Image Modeling

A key process for defining a brand’s key associations including: features, attributes, benefits,

user imagery, experience and emotional values concluding with the definition of the brand’s essence, a brief statement epitomizing the brand’s distinctive proposition.

EXPRESSION Verbal Identity Creation & Evaluation

A creative process facilitating the development

of new brand names and taglines. The process consists of workshops with creative exercises engaging participants in an inspiring procedure

of generating original names and differentiated taglines. The final name list is evaluated by research among consumers, aiming to assess each name’s performance among the target audience.